Thursday, March 24, 2011

Loud Enough?

Logitech's best just got better. The Z5500 5.1Ch speakers have come to their End Of Line. Which hopefully means big price drops as their bloody good speakers. The only gripe with them (and this is with all Logitech Speakers) is that the Sub unit that came with them were an enormous let down. Loud yes, deep or rich sounding, not even close. At least it could take down walls.

The replacement is called the Z906 (images and details down below). It seems that although the Satellites have been turned up 5 watts RMS each, the Sub has been toned down 23 watts, giving roughly the same total RMS output as it's predecessor. Lets hope this means better balanced sound.

Technical Specifications:

• Total RMS power: 500 watts RMS
o Satellites: 5 x 67 watts RMS
o Subwoofer: 165 watts RMS
• THX® Certified
• Dolby® Digital 5.1 decoding
• DTS® decoding
• 3D Stereo (Surround sound from 2-channel sources)
• Digital optical input (2)
• Digital coaxial input • Six-channel direct input
• RCA input
• 3.5 mm input
• Stackable control console
• Mountable satellites (4)
• Mountable center channel speaker (1)
• Ported side-firing subwoofer
• Infrared remote

Product Specifications
• Speaker Dimensions (DxWxH)
o Satellite Speakers: 92 mm x 99 mm x 165 mm
o Center Channel: 92 mm x 165 mm x 99 mm
o Subwoofer: 318 mm x 280 mm x 292 mm
o Stackable Control Console: 17.9 mm x 42 mm x 110 mm
o Remote Control: 18 mm x 42 mm x 110 mm
• Weight: 13.3 kg

• 2-year limited warranty

Nuclear Fish Tank

A few years back, I did some research on global warming, and subsequently alternative energy. Although not studying it specifically, I recall learning of ways in which Nuclear waste was disposed. One of which was by burying it 10m under water where the radiation could not reach.

Which brings me to this thought, the Japanese are now hosing down the Nuclear reactors, trying to keep it cool whiles praying that minimal radiation escapes. Why don't they just build a fish tank around it? Basically put, using some thick slabs of concrete, they could build a fence around the perimeter of the reactors. Then fill it up with water. It's not like their afraid of getting the damn thing wet as they've been water bombing it for the past week. In doing so, they would reduce the radiation being emitted from the reactors, keep the reactors much cooler than it would be from just the hosing thus making it more stable, and also have a protective barrier that would lower the damage radius if the meltdown was still to happen.

I'm guessing the reason they haven't done so yet is because them, being the Japanese, reckon it's not advanced enough for them. Lets hope their Gundams are equipped with anti Nuclear weaponry.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Japanese

Ever seen the movie 2012? How the world ends because of some crazy heat reaction thing happening with the earths core? Well, considering it's 2011, and we're getting pounded by Natural Disasters left, right and center, makes you wonder if the movie is a prediction or something. Alternatively, there might have been a secret war that the world governments are trying to cover. There's no doubt in my mind that Japan will build the first Gundam. Heck, it could be because of this Gundam that the UN decided to retaliate, using Nuclear weaponry (looking at US, China and Korea) to make sure it's properly destroyed. Would explain the nuclear radiation "leaks" their claiming. Considering the power of a nuke, it would also explain the shock waves and giant waves. Makes you think don't it? I mean, when will Australia be getting it's own Gundam?

As for the bastard Ishihara who banned Manga and is planning on censoring the Internet, this is Divine Retribution, god hates you.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

God hates Christians?

So an Earthquake hits New Zealand. Not long after Australia endures God's rampage of floods, tornado's and bushfire. As mention in my earlier post, there must be a reason for his anger, don't you think? Now lets note a few points here, the town hit is called "ChristChurch" which could be translated as a church for Christians. Then we hear near all the churches in town have been taken out. Coincidence? Maybe. Alternatively, Jesus could have annoyed the other Gods or this is could be an act from the extremely well funded Scientology. Either way, I would stop praying, and start living my life to the fullest. I mean against God, there's not much we can do (except maybe change to a different religion).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

True Blue

What makes a True Blue Aussie? Top notch BBQ skills? Hard working farmers?
The reason I brought this up is because it seems like god has taken a hating to us. Bush Fires, hail and now flooding and cyclones at the same time. Next thing you know, quakes will be hitting us even though we're no where near a fault line.

So what's the reason? Is it because we're too fat and lazy now? Is it because we've sold all our land and cattle to China and other giant Nations? Is it because the justice system stinks so bad that society trust no one any more. Is it because our government has fallen to the point where the people were lost during the elections, because none of the candidates were reliable. In the end, one thing is for sure, we aren't as blue as we one were. And God doesn't like it. We better start shearing sheep on the train to school.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Speed Demons

Both the GTX590 and 6990 are to be released within the month. Here's at table I made from information released from the companies:

Image Hosted by

Red Text are for estimates. Blue is from leaked information.

Note that the 6990 is more than 2 6970 in CF. It has 3840 SP which means 1920SP per core vs 6970 1536 SP. This will be close.

On a side note: Considering how the GTX580 has been so well embraced because of it's cooler and quieter operation whereas the 6970 is know for being hot and loud, it makes you wonder what AMD intends to do to fix this problem, and thus I gave the 6990 a lower MSRP as it'll need it if their performance are similar.

Edit: Both cards have been offically released, and it seems as though the rumored specs were off. The GTX590 is 2 GTX580's with a Core Clock of 612Mhz whiles the 6990 is 2 6970's with a OC switch which changed it from "eco" 375w 830Mhz mode to 6970 matching 880Mhz

Sony NGP (PSP2)

This video is the perfect way to get people excited about the PSP2, it shows off actual gameplay and the device itself. The graphics are actually pretty amazing for such a small device, this should really impress current handheld-gamers.

Too bad about the integrated 4Hour battery though.